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Welcome to I.I.A.


You’ve decided to commit to being an ethical, honest professional certified  by IIA

List your deals on our I.L.S. Only certified IIA professionals are allowed to post on our listings site and engage in Joint Ventures with us and our members.

ONLY CERTIFIED members are eligible for our funding sources.

Weekly “IIA Mastermind” zoom and phone calls for members only to discuss your deals and work through any challenges – moderated by the founders of IIA

Costs? Yea, we need to have costs. But they’re low.  We don’t want your money…we want to keep communities from over-regulating wholesaling and investing.

BASIC (IIA level 1) Means you understand the basic rules & laws.  What independent investors can/can’t do vs Realtors, and how to make yours the most respected business in town.

Things that make sure your buyers & sellers are protected and dealt with fairly, an advantage your uncertified competitors cannot offer them.

  1. A promise to act ethically & fairly, and provide complete information about the property, community, etc. (as much as they have or can provide)
  2. NO DAISY CHAINS promise.  they will only advertise properties they directly hold the contract with seller on (equitable interest) 
  3. Disclosures & Material Facts:  An understanding of typical lead & seller disclosures, and what info a buyer is entitled to
  4. MARKET VALUE.  A basic understanding of market valuation and comps, so they can property serve both sellers and buyers with all relevant information before a contract is signed
  5. WRITTEN agreements only.
  6. All monies in escrow with licensed firms until day of closing

Yep, it’s a simple statement of ethics. But would anything less be fair and honest?

Once they have completed the above, they are welcome to  expand their knowledge and credentials

FREE FOR first 1,000 member
$95/yr (Basic Skills)

$25/yr Level 2 members (Collect & Share Basic deal information)

Don’t you love the posts

“3:2 in PA contract for sale.  Asking $150k, 2k Non -refundable EMD to learn more”

Do they not know more, or are they just fishing for buyer leads? How can we know if we’re interested based on this post.

Level 2 memebrs know and do:

  1. What basic information a buyer (flipper or landlord) needs
  2.  how to get a basic idea of ARV, Repair cost and Income Valuation (if rental)
  3. Best practices in communicating with sellers & buyers
  4. Best practices to maximize value and deal flow on the  IIA Listing Service (place to share deals and desired deals)
  5. What Joint Venture is, and when to use it and how.

Taking steps to grow themselves & their business, and make buyers/sellers more informed

Once they have completed the above, they are welcome to  expand their knowledge and credentials

You see ’em: ARV $350k, Repairs $15k (just needs a roof and windows and kitchen)

Level 3 members know and do:

  1. How a flipper typically approaches a flip calculation.  Pad for holding, buying/selling, lender and profit
  2. Basic rehab estimating from pictures and description
  3. Basic investor/rental calculations with Mainteance / Vacancy / Management pad as well as understanding  Cap vs Cash on Cash, etc.

$50/yr Level 3 members (Deal Analysis: Flip & Rental)



Independent Investors Association is a service of Real Estate Community Network.

We created this tool to allow investors (Real Estate right now), Buyers, Sellers & other professionals to find each other and identify the experience level of the people they are working with.